Portrait Process

Portrait Consultation
The first step in creating your timeless image is the FREE consultation. At this appointment, we show you samples of our photography and discuss what visions you have in mind for your portraits such as clothing options and subject groupings. This is also the place where you get to know us and we get to know you and what your wants and needs are in regards to the final products.

Portrait Session
The goal of LightWriter Photography is to create images you can treasure forever. That is why attention to detail is very important. With the assistance of our stylist, Tammy and Elena, you can be assured that clothing, hair, props and posing are set to best flatter you. And because we let you preview the (unretouched) images before you leave, you are already guaranteed to love the images…even before your ordering appointment.

Ordering Appointment
The most important decision in the Portrait Process is the selection of your images. That is why we have you proof your images Via Projection rather than using little 4×6 prints. (most ordering sessions will have ALL images already retouched). To make the ordering appointment run smoothly, we require ALL decision makers be present and recommend you come to the appointment with a good idea of the quantity and print sizes you need for your home, family and friends. There is a variety of products to choose from besides just prints and wall portraits. We will do our best to guide you in selecting the images and products that fit your needs.

Benefits of Proofing with Projection
By using Projection, we can show you on our wall exactly how your image will look at different sizes and even in different frames. Taking into consideration the location and viewing distance of where you plan to display your portrait, this allows you to be sure that you are getting the perfect size wall portrait. Would you like to know exactly what your images will look like on YOUR wall? Just provide us with a digital image of the room and location you plan on displaying it and a ruler on that wall. We can then show you what your framed wall portrait or collection of portraits will look like at different sizes on that wall.

Some products we offer contain multiple images such as framed wall composites, digital folios and cards. With our projection software, we can design the product right in front of you. This way you are 100% happy with the images you chose and how they go together. No other Proofing method can insure you leave satisfied with the products and images you chose.