Senior Portrait Photography

You’re a unique senior graduate with a personality all your own. Shouldn’t your senior pictures be unique as well? Choosing the wrong studio could mean average portraits that do not represent all that is unique about you.

You want to look great. Shouldn’t your senior portraits also say something about the character you have grown into? Shouldn’t they capture your passions, interests, and dreams?

LightWriter Photography thinks so. And by having you come in for a FREE Consultation, we get to know you before you ever step in front of a camera. Your Senior Portrait Session is custom designed to represent you. Whether you are a fashionista, the edgy outsider, or conservative girl next door. After all, it’s not about us. We think your senior pictures should represent YOU! And when they see your senior pictures, we want your family to say “Wow, that is so you!” and your friends to exclaim “How do I get one of those?”

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What to Wear

We want to be sure your clothes will showcase who you are without being too distracting. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Portrait Process

Your LightWriter Photography Portrait Experience. From Consultation to Session to Ordering Appointment.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose LightWriter Photography for Your Senior Portraits?