Sports Photography

LightWriter Photography LLC is a locally owned family business that operates in the Acadiana area. Being local means any local tax dollars STAY in the Acadiana area to help it grow, and any needs you may have will be quickly addressed. Because we own our own business, we don’t have to get permission from the “Regional Manager” to do special things for our customers.

LightWriter’s goal as your sports team photographer is to give your athletes a fun photo experience and images that both parent and child will enjoy. We strive to capture the athlete’s personality and with proper lighting, posing and attention to detail, make them look their best. We also have many cool products to purchase such as Magazine Covers, Memory Mates, Keychains, Buttons, Posters and more.

As a coach, we understand that practice time is valuable, not to mention the many other things you have on your plate. We create a balance of quick picture taking and giving attention to detail. This makes photographing your team quick and easy yet still allows us to create wonderful images of your team’s players.

We can photograph your team in the gym or outdoors on the field. And with the unpredictable Louisiana weather, we also offer the option to digitally extract your players and put them on a digital background. This way even if the weather is bad, we can photograph your team in the gym and put them on an “outdoor” background.

To schedule your team’s photo shoot or get more information on our Sports Photography give us a call at 337-988-0303.