What Clothing Should I Wear For My Senior Portraits?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Clothes express a person’s sense of style and personality. It could be a casual pair of shorts, t-shirt and flip flops to a formal dress or suit and nice shoes. Either way we want to be sure your clothes will showcase who you are without being too distracting in your senior portraits. After all, YOU are the subject of the photo, not your clothes.

You should love the way you look in ALL of your outfits.

This means that if you do not like your arms, wear sleeves. If you do not like other parts of your body, do not wear clothing that is too tight. Put on an outfit you are considering, stand in front of a mirror and mimic some poses you might do to see how the clothes will look. The outfit might look great on you when you just stand there, but if you do certain poses it might not look as good.

Choose solid colors over distracting patterns.

Patterns move the eye of the viewer away from the subject which is YOU and puts it onto the clothing.

Coordinate the colors with the environment you will be photographed in.

If it is Fall and we are outside, don't wear pink. That's not a color you'd see in fall, and your clothing will clash with the colors in the background. In a cityscape, almost anything works. Also, dark colored outfits look better on dark backgrounds and light colors look better on brighter backgrounds.

Sleeves are generally better than no sleeves, and longer sleeves are better than short sleeves.

This is simply because the eye goes to the lightest, largest item in the picture and if this is your shoulders and arms, it will take the viewers gaze away from your face, which is generally the center of attention. The larger the arms and shoulders, the more the distractions. And if you do not like your arms, DO NOT WEAR SPAGHETTI STRAPS.

Ladies, if you're going to wear dresses or skirts, wear something underneath

That way, we have the maximum flexibility in what we do with the minimum possibility for embarrassment. Bring the appropriate type of bra for each outfit. Especially clear straps.

Be sure your clothes are not wrinkled and torn unless that is the look you are going for.

Bring a variety of different looks.

Don't bring the same t-shirt but in different colors. Don't bring a bunch of similar jeans or shirts that all have the same neck line. Think VARIETY. For girls this might be shorts, capris, jeans, skirts and dresses. And of course combine them with appropriate tops, shoes and accessories. For guys this could be shorts, jeans or dress pants, all with appropriate shoes and shirts.

Bring a few extra outfit options.

If you booked a 3 outfit session, bring 5; if you booked a 5 outfit session bring 7. In other words DON'T bring the exact amount of outfit changes your session allows. When Tammy goes through your outfits with you she will help you pick the best outfits for the session. Guys, bring a few extra shirt options (both long sleeve, short sleeve muscle etc.) Girls, bring a few extra tops that have different neck lines and different style bottoms.

Important things NOT TO FORGET

Class Ring, Letterman Jacket, Jewelry, Different Types of Shoes (and be sure you have both), Props from any sports, hobbies, interests, or ANY extra curricular activity you are in. If you like to shop, bring some of your favorite shopping bags, if you love shoes bring a variety of shoes, if you hunt bring some hunting gear.