Why Choose Us for Your Senior Portraits

Every High School Senior who steps in front of our camera brings a unique personality and character with them. It is our responsibility to capture that unique character and create images that both your family and friends will recognize and enjoy viewing over and over.

Anyone can take a picture of what you look like, but LightWriter Photography will create senior portraits that showcase your interests, achievements, personality, and style…images that tell WHO YOU ARE! When your friends and family look at your senior pictures the first words out of their mouths will be “THAT’S SO YOU!” Traditional or edgy, conservative or adventurous – the choice is yours. LightWriter Photography creates your portraits to represent YOUR style, regardless of what that might be.

Other reasons to choose LightWriter Photography

A unique way to take graduation photos that both pleases parents and captures the unique personality of each graduate.

We capture the Rock Star or Super Model within YOU!

We create images Mom and Dad will love!